Can You Earn A Living By Writing Articles?

Yes, we can.

But they have to be written for advertising revenue share sites, not for upfront paying sites.

Consider…If you write 3 articles per day , that is 1000 articles a year. After a year those articles should be earning you 50cents each every month. So, if you write 1000 articles in 2010, then that will give you a $500 a month income in 2011.

If you repeat that writing pattern for 2011, 2012 and 2013, you will have an income in 2014 of $2000 a month. If you need more than $2000 a month then you just need to keep writing for a few more years, until you reach your target income, but remembrer you will have no commuting or other employment-related costs, so the income you need will be less than from a paid job.

Three articles a day is do-able by anyone committed to writing articles for a living. I know, I am doing it at the moment, and so are other InfoBarrel writers. We are talking high quality articles here of 500-1000 words with backlinks and optimised for search engines.

It’s like life insureance though, start early (say 18 years old) and you can retire to a life of luxury before you are 30. Encourage your student sons and daughters to write just one or two articles a day and help them get set up for life more than a college degree will help.

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2 Responses to Can You Earn A Living By Writing Articles?

  1. Kevin Marx says:

    Isn’t that awesome Phil? So many people struggle to earn enough for retirement, many working a lifetime (40-50 years). Who’d of thought you could work 4-5 years and (basically) be done? Imagine if you did it for more? Great post Phil – very inspiring.


  2. javrsmith says:

    I agree that you should be able to make a living with articles. The Internet is just a new delivery method. You can also set up your hosting page like this and mine at that give more niche content.


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