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I love writing for Info Barrel because of the way the site is managed. This is what sets the site apart from other article sites I have written for:

  • I feel appreciated for what I write. The owners themselves have made positive comments about my articles both in the forum and by commenting on the articles themselves
  • I feel as if I am a partner in this website, not just a poorly paid employee
  • The sense of community is unheard of. The forum is supportive and helpful. If there is something you need to know, all you have to do is to ask and you will have answers within minutes
  • Management allows me to choose what I write about, there is a list of titles, if you are stuck for ideas, but you can choose your own title
  • I have a choice of formats to write in, including a Blank Page format
  • Managers are on top of quality control
  • Owners and admin visit the forum, and reespond to queries promptly
  • Owners ask for suggestions from writers, and take them up
  • I am fairly rewarded for my worsk. The owners give me a 90% Adsense share
  • The Owners are in this for the long haul. With competitors I always wonder when the site will be sold or change hands

2 Responses to “Info Barrel Management – 10/10?”

  • javrsmith:

    They also allow two links in your author’s signature box. These are pure links without the “nofollow” attribute.

  • JadeDragon:

    Thanks for the link to my infobarrel article. I like your summary of how IB management is so helpful and professional. It is a real pleasure to use the site.


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